Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Ache

Backache can be defined as a situation in which the pain is felt especially in the lumbar region of your back. This is usually caused due to the strain of a muscle or a ligament.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain at Vaidyaratnam Vrindavan Ayurveda Chikitsalayam, Baddi.

Causes: The main etiological factors for a backache these days are the stress and the strains that are felt in the lower back area. These stresses and strains are the main cause for the provocation of the Vatic doshas. This leads to the stiffness in the back.
Some other reasons that lead to a backache are traveling through uneven or rippled roads, too much usage of a two-wheeler, lifting heavy objects and lack of exercise. With the enhancement of technology, man has turned into a machine. This is also considered a strong reason for a backache.


Treatment: The diseases can be controlled to a greater extent by following some useful methods like; taking proper rest and generating a routine of exercising. The disease has also been controlled by Katee Vasthi, Pathrapotali Sweda, Pizchil, Kashya and Thaila Vasthi.
These Ayurveda treatments for Back Ache have been beneficial for the ages. The recurrence of the disease can also be controlled by managing your posture. Sitting in the bending back position for long duration should also be avoided.
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