VVAC is one among the very few Ayurveda hospital in north India approved for cashless treatment by few insurance companies, Third party administrator. VVAC is also registered under Registry of hospitals in network of insurance (ROHINI) as per the Insurance regulatory and development authority (IRDA) guidelines. VVAC is also in advance stage of accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) as ayurvedic institution with high standard for providing treatments and facilities to the patients.

We at VVAC believe that patients should be able to avail the maximum benefit of the health insurance provided by the efforts of AYUSH ministry for availing the best Ayurveda treatment in India.

We as a treatment provider/ hospital are trying our best to help patients understand about the benefit of insurance plans covering Ayurveda treatments providing reimbursement or cashless facilities.

Procedure To Claim Ayurveda Treatment At VVAC Through Insurance

Ayurveda coverage under insurance check with your insurance provider if Ayurveda treatment is covered or provide us documents to check on your behalf

Reimbursement Cashless claims
Patients can submit all the documents related to treatment , bills, discharge card , hospital registration etc to the insurance company and get reimbursement. If the hospital is empanelled with a particular insurance provider, we can offer a cashless facility to the patient.


    • 1. Check if the patient’s insurance provider covers AYUSH treatments or if they have taken Arogya sanjeevani policy made by IRDAI. If patients do not have Arogya sanjeevani policy then they can also mention VVAC being NABH accredited and registered with the state government under Clinical Establishment Act, in case of insurance companies only cover such hospitals. In case you require a copy of the registration to enquire with the insurance company you can contact 7901778899 and we will assist you.
    • 2. Once the possibility of insurance coverage is confirmed, kindly submit all the reports to requesting to consult our ayurveda physician.
    • 3. Patients should follow the guidelines shared in the response mail by VVAC for consultation with Physician .
    • 4. Once the consultation is complete, patients can share their tentative date of arrival, insurance plan details, residential address, a brief description of the consultation over an e-mail requesting the invitation letter.

Cashless claim:VVAC is empanelled with few insurance companies to provide cashless facility incase of ayurveda treatment and in process of empanelment with many other companies in due course of time to check if ayurveda treatment is covered under patients policy we need following documents.
1) complete policy document
2) adhaar card of patient
We will submit a report to the insurance company on the basis of the submitted documents and the insurance company will communicate the claim details to the patient or to the hospital .

Insurance claim Reimbursement: We advise patients to discuss their insurance plan, claim possibility, and the documents required to be submitted with their insurance agent before sending us the invitation request. Below is the list of diseases categorized by the AYUSH government for which an individual can claim insurance at VVAC.

Ayurvedic Category Types of diseases
Swasa Roga COPD, Asthma, OPD
Greevastambha Greevastambha Cervical spondylitis/spondylosis 7-28
Kateegraha Kateegraha Sciatica, Low back pain 7-28
Apabahuka viswachi Frozen Shoulder, tendonitis
Pakshaghata Pakshaghata Paralysis, Hemiplegia 7-28
Kampavata Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy
Ardita Facial paralysis
Vatarakta Gouty arthritis, Rheumatoid
Amavata Rheumatic fever
Sarvangavata Sarvangavata Cerebral palsy, MND 14-28
Sandhigatavata Tennis elbow, Osteoarthritis
Twaka Vikara Eczema, Psoriasis
Arsha, Bhagandara, Parikarthika Haemorrhoid, Fistula in ano, Fissure in ano
Vispara Necrotising Cellulitis, Pemphigus vulgaris
Moothraghata Renal/urinary disfunction PCOD, PCOS, Amenorrhoea,Dysmenorrhoea 14-28
Yonee Roga, Rakthapradara Mamsagata Vikara Muscular dystrophy 14-28
Mamsagata Vikara Refractive errors, Chronic
Dristidosha Asama Drishti, Nethraja Rakthapitham Inflammatory diseases,Chronic Conjunctivitis
Sirasoola,Sooryavartham Khanja, Abhighataja Vikara Migraine, Headache 7-21 Fracture, dislocation 14-28


    • 1. Duration of treatment varies depending on the comorbidity, so, it is possible to add a few days to the duration of the main complaint.
  • 2. The disease mentioned are not the only one which is covered, it is just to give you an idea, there are many more diseases mentioned by AYUSH department which can be covered under insurance.

What are the types of insurance companies covering Ayurveda treatments?

Today almost all the insurance providers cover Ayurveda treatments, they differ on the basis of their policy with respect to insurance claim amount, claim rate and mode of claim settlement. There are two category of insurance providers covering Ayurveda treatments:

Self-managed: These types of organisations not only provide insurance coverage but also administer the claims reimbursement as an inhouse process.

Complete treatment claim: There are companies and organisations providing complete reimbursement against the total bill of the ayurvedic treatment. Few of these companies are: Max Bupa health reassure, Edelweiss Manipal pro health protect, HDFC Ergo (optima restore, Suraksha silver and gold), ICICI Lombard. TATA AIG, Religare.

Partial Payment claims: There are companies and organizations providing partial reimbursement against the total bill of the ayurvedic treatment. A few of these companies are: Star Health (comprehensive and Medi classic), Aditya Birla diamond Care, Oriental insurance, Future Generali, Chola Mangalam, Apollo Munich.

1. Third-Party

 Administrator: These types of organizations only provide insurance coverage but outsource the administration of the claim’s reimbursement to any third-party company. A few of these companies are: Royal Sundaram, Reliance, Bajaj Allianz, United India Insurance, The New India Insurance, National insurance, Vidal health, Medi assist, Paramount health, Medi assist, United healthcare.
If you are not able to understand the possibility of claim, you can kindly contact us and we will help you with the insurance claim related to Ayurveda.