Cow Farm

A huge piece of land has been dedicated to cow farm which includes Desi Cows and crops and fodder grown for their feed. This milk is cent percent natural and richer in calcium because of no impurities. Special care has been taken to provide a healthy atmosphere for the cows to get a healthy yield of milk.

Sahiwal and Gir breed of cows are a part of the farm since their milk, ghee and buttermilk are used for preparation of fresh ayurvedic medicines.

We include herbs such as Alsi, Taramira, Ajwain, Methre, Rock salt, Jaggery and Binola to the cow feed so as to enhance the medicinal properties of the milk.

  • Desi Cows
  • Nutritious organic feed grown on site.
  • No growth hormone, antibiotics or animal by-products given to cattle so as to yield organic milk.
  • Regular doctor visits for health check-ups and vaccination.
  • Clean sheds with fans and mats for cows.
  • Expert staff caters for cow’s food schedule and bathing pool.


Interested people can visit the Cow Farm, Feed the cattle and enjoy a rustic setting amidst the hills and mud house built for the caretaker.

Vaidyaratnam Vrindavan Ayurvedic Chikitsalayam is spread across 25 acres surrounded by 500 acres of forest. We Treat Ailments from the Root.

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