Panchakarma Detox

A 2-week stay at the Vrindavan Chikitsalayam, Ayurvedic Healing Village worked wonders for my health. Feel like a completely new person. In the lap of tropical nature and the care of expert Ayurvedic doctors, there is no other option but to get completely rejuvenated. The best Panchakarma therapy one can get

Do You Wish For Peak Performance In Life ?

Do you get anxious for no reason ?

Suffering from incessant headaches, joint pains, unexplained lethargy, sleeplessness, and mental fatigue?  These can be symptoms of deadly illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure. Experience wholesome healing through the Best Panchakarma treatment.

Do you want to Break and Restore your life ?

Untreated stress and anxiety lead to a compromised immune system. You attract multiple physical and mental problems that stop you from giving your best, professionally and personally. Learn to unwind naturally and attain sustainable peace of mind with our Panchakarma therapy.

Wrong eating and drinking habits jeopardizing your
life ?

Are you consuming too much junk food and sweetened beverages? Are you drinking too much alcohol and damaging your liver and kidneys? These wrong habits give you high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Completely detoxify your system at our Panchakarma Hospital.

Its Time To Reflect, Renew And Restore

The Panchakarma method uses natural body healing processes to get rid of spiritual and physical toxins.
Ayurveda has the key to eternal wellness in the form of Panchakarma. Build a lasting healthy life with us.

Panchkarma Therapy- Gift Your Body A Healthy Life

You lead a busy life. Between professional commitments, and family responsibilities, you ignore the well-being of your body and mind. Due to stress, pollution, long work hours, and unhealthy eating and drinking habits, you may suffer from anxiety, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and hormonal imbalances.

The Panchakarma therapy, through a 5-phase treatment plan, removes toxins from your body and rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.

  • Able to perform better & think clearly in your work & business
  • Your diet is improved & the gut will be more healthy
  • The skin will look more beautiful & young
  • Able to enjoy life and get all toxins out from body

The Five-Folds Of Panchkarma

Panch- (Five) + Karma (Work) = Panchakarma
Using the ancient Vedic methodologies, the Panchakarma cleansing process purifies your mind and body. It flushes out toxins through 5 cleansing processes. In a mere 3 weeks, you will feel healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

  • Vamanam – It balances Kapha Dosha through emesis or vomiting, provides oxygenation and builds immunity.
  • Virechan – It balances Pitta Dosha through purging and builds up immunity, strengthens the gut’s absorption, secretion, and metabolic process, and oxygenates the body.
  • Vasti – Balances Vata Dosha and nourishes the body, rejuvenates, detoxifies, and strengthens the nervous system. The king of all therapy, it cures and prevents various diseases quickly.
  • Nasyam – It cleanses the upper respiratory system and rejuvenates and nourishes the body. It helps detoxify and strengthen the nervous system. And cure and prevent suffering in the head and neck region.
  • Raktamokshana – The process of removing bad blood from the body through sponges, needles, or horns. It purifies blood, enhances blood circulation, and saves healthy tissues from contamination.
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This Is Why You Need Panchkarma Therapy ?

A Mind-Boggling Fact

WHO says around 80% of the world’s population is estimated to use traditional medicine. Are you one of 80% of people? Are you thinking about what to do yet? Do not waste valuable time; nothing is more important than your and the health of your loved ones.

We Are A 110 Years Old Panchakarma
Treatment Specialist

Through the Vedic knowledge of Panchakarma, our specialists have treated people from all over the world for more than a century. We draw our knowledge from ancient and sacred scriptures on health and spiritual well-being. Spend a few days at the Vrindavan Chikitsalaym for best Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment. Heal your mind and body naturally. No chemicals. No toxins. No side effects. With a legacy of over 110 years, Vrindavan Chikitsalaym has been helping humankind to recover and rejuvenate and has been spreading awareness about the archaic Ayurveda, which is quite relevant and effective in today’s fast lifestyle and polluted environment.

  • Exceptional legacy of 100 years
  • NABH Certified
  • Our Ayurvedic doctors have treated 50,000+ patients in the last 20 years.

Watch the Story Of Healing

Vrindavan Chikitsalayam is one of the largest Panchakarma therapy centres in the world, and the best in Kerala. The Vrindavan Chikitsalaym Ayurvedic Group has created a unique niche for itself in the wellness industry and has pioneered authentic Ayurvedic services and products.

Why Choose Us ?

.Unforgettable Stay
.Personal Consultation
.Premium Features
.Trained Therapists
.Organic Farming
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